“She is very tough but knows how far she can push you to get maximum results!” – Helen

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How do I get started?

You can either call me to chat through things a little, or you can simply fill out the contact form on the contact page where you’ll find my details.


My first recommendation will be to arrange an initial consultation where we can plan some realistic goals and develop a programme specifically for you. Once we have agreed your journey, then we can discuss what training package is for you. All details of these can be found on the prices and packages.


Where do we train?

We’re always trying to squeeze more into our days, so I am happy to train you wherever the most convenient place is for you.  I train most of my clients either outside at the park or beach or in their own homes which alleviates those minutes of extra time getting to and from the gym.


Your time is precious with us all leading incredibly busy lives. You might not feel confident enough to train in a gym environment, or perhaps you need to be at home for your children. However, if it is a gorgeous day, I do like to make the most of our beautiful surroundings and train outside.


Do I need to buy equipment?

No, I have a lot of kit and a van to fit it all in! I may suggest that you buy some small items of equipment, depending on your goals, so you can keep on track inbetween training sessions.


What do I wear and bring to a session?

So long as you have a decent pair of trainers, some comfortable exercise clothes, a small towel and some water, you’re ready!  Sun protection or wet weather gear if needed, yes, we train in all weather!


What sorts of things do we do in a training session?

A session can include all different types of training such as resistance training, cardio, TRX training, boxing and flexibility/stretching. I use a variety of equipment such as kettlebells, TRX, boxing gloves & pads, dumbbells, stability ball, Indo Board, Bosu and even old tyres!


I won’t lie, my sessions will push you much further than you will on your own. You will sweat…..a lot! But we’ll make them as fun as possible. The first few sessions are always the hardest, but you’ll soon not want to be without them. You’ll have renewed energy you didn’t think was possible!


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