“I’ve burnt fat and toned in areas I thought weren’t possible!” – Leanne

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Gemma M -  When I started with Zoe I was lacking motivation with my exercise, that motivation soon disappeared, her sessions are fun but also tough.  I was struggled to shift the weight I’d put on after giving up smoking, even though I was going to the gym, with Zoe’s nutritional guidance and training sessions I have now gone from 13 and a half stone down to 11 and a half stone.  My BMI is healthy, something that is very important to me as I was always overweight!  I can wear loads of different clothes now and feel happy with myself.

Before - Sept 2011

After - Sep 2012


Mark - Focus, determination and self drive are 3 key factors I have gained through having Zoe as my personal trainer.  I wanted to be sharper and fitter for football, which is one of my passions, and Zoe has helped fulfill my goals.  I would recommend Zoe hands down, as a one to one or even as a group trainer, as her training regimes cater for individual goals and success in an individual’s personal need to become the ultimate athlete.  Many thanks.

Julie - Zoe has been fabulous and I really look forward to my sessions. I, as many other people I’m sure, have tried DVDs and classes but I don’t think I could do without my sessions now.  I always feel that I’ve been worked to the max, so feel I’ve got the most out of my sessions, but the best part is they’re also fun with lots of laughter and much needed encouragement and support when you feel like you’re flagging!  I’m looking forward to a slimmer, fitter year ahead!

Leanne – Zoe is a fantastic trainer, very thorough and will meet your needs whatever the area.  I’ve burnt fat and toned in areas I thought weren’t possible!

Helen - I was introduced to Zoe by my friend, I completely love my sessions!  She is very tough but knows how far she can push you to get maximum results!  I'm a mum of 2 and she knows the target places that you need to work.  Brilliant!! Feel fitter and happier about myself.  Thank you Zoe.


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