“With Zoe’s nutritional guidance and training sessions I have now gone from 13 and a half stone down to 11 and a half stone.” – Gemma

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About Me


I am a Faster Global qualified personal trainer with a real passion in helping people make the right health and fitness choices whilst leading their busy lives.


I was born in London and have worked in various industries, including media, investment banking, management consultancy and event organising, before I finally fulfilled my true passion within the health and fitness industry and became a Personal Trainer.


I am also  a Mum of 3 gorgeous boys, so I totally understand how hard it can be as a mum and/or juggling work and trying to stay fit and healthy at the same time. I take my own training and nutrition seriously; after all I need to set a good example!


I work with clients of all levels of fitness, helping them achieve their short and long term goals and setting them on the right path to making positive changes in their lifestyle that will last a lifetime.


I believe in getting people moving and training functionally; put simply, moving in all three planes (forward/backwards, side to side and rotationally) as we do in everyday life, such as picking up a shopping bag from the floor and placing it in the boot of a car, picking up your child or swinging a golf club. I also like to keep up with the latest developments within the fitness industry which helps keep training sessions fresh and clients on their toes!


In my spare time I can often be spotted running round the local golf course, cycling along the seafront with the kids or having fun trying to get up on my surfboard!



Level 3 Personal Trainer (Faster Global)

Level 2 Gym Instructor (Faster Global)

Diploma in Functional Performance (Faster Global) – ongoing learning

Advanced Functional Trainer (Faster Global)

Pre and Post Natal Exercise (Academy of Exercise)

Indo Board Instructor (Academy of Exercise)

TRX Suspension Trainer Instructor (TRX)

Lebert Training Systems Instructor (Lebert Fitness)

Viper 10 Athlete (Viper 10)

Professional Personal Liability Insurance

 Emergency First Aid at Work (Academy of Exercise)


e zoe@zoephethean.com

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